What is MFR

What Is Myofascial Release® & How Does It Work?

Let’s break it down by each word:

  • Myo:  Means Muscle
  • Fascia:  Is Your Connective Tissue

The explanation of Fascia is where the story is.

Fascia is the shock absorber for our body. Our Fascial system is amazing, it is a fluid system that is meant to constantly flex and stretch or change.

We start using this system as soon as we take our first breath at birth or for others as we take our first steps and fall as babies. Scars from surgeries, injuries from accidents, and poor posture over time all compound upon each other to glue our fascial system down so we can’t move or breathe like we should.

The Fascial system not only holds your shape, but it also holds your emotions and the story of your life. When we open the restrictions within the fascial system, it allows the opportunity for the emotions of our trauma to be released as well.

Myofascial Release® Therapists are taught to connect to the fascial system using their hands as their tools to allow the system the space it needs to restructure.

So where did it start?….

Myofascial Release® is a therapy technique created by a man named John F. Barnes DPT, after he sustained serious injuries that all his previous training and knowledge could not bring him back from.

I came to Myofascial Release® 17 years ago as a patient, after having severe back and sciatic pain for over 5 years that stopped me from working…..living….and enjoying my life. It was John Barnes and his Myofascial Release® therapy that gave me back my life.  After a few treatments I went to school to obtain a license “to touch” and took all of John’s classes. Today I continue to learn and expand my business which now includes “Equine Gestalt Coaching” or “EGC” ®.

How does Myofascial Release® Therapy Work?

We begin with a standing Evaluation. After all we do spend a lot of time in Gravity. Once we get a sense of the body’s challenges in Gravity we have you lay down usually on a massage table. We then evaluate the body out of Gravity, and check the tissue as we listen to you as you tell your story. What you feel in your body is very important in this therapy. When we begin to treat the fascial system, the pressure can be very light or somewhat heavy. We meet the tissue where it is. The theory is Low Load – Long Hold, to allow the physiology to happen. We may work in an area for a long time, but it takes at least 90-120 seconds to reach the Fascial system before the release can begin. Sometimes it takes longer. Each person is different but the therapist will be there with you for as long as it unfolds.

When you give the body a healthy environment it has an amazing healing ability.

For Example: In 1996 a MRI showed I had only 3 percent of a disc left between my S1/L5, (a disc is the cushion between the vertebrae in our spines). Then in 2004 I fell on the ice and I was afraid I had injured my pelvis so off I go for another MRI again. This time the new MRI showed that the disc damage to my spine since the first MRI had actually regenerated itself from the 3 percent to 30 percent with no surgery. Over those years, I had received consistent Myofascial Release® Treatment which had opened up the fascial system allowing the disc to start repairing itself.

I truly believe with time and the right tools the body does have the ability to heal itself. Through tears & time and with the help of some amazing humans, their healing hands and compassionate hearts I now have my life back.  You deserve to have that opportunity too!!!.

With Myofascial Release® you can give the body the opportunity to clear the locked in trauma and regain control of your life.

Physical pain is caused by emotions. Emotions are caused by physical pain. I am willing to be with you on your healing journey.

I wish that you all attain great joy and health in your life.

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On Life’s Trail you don’t have to walk alone.

For more information on MFR ® go to the John Barnes web site at www.myofascialrelease.com.   John has written and published many articles regarding the subject of MFR ®. His site also includes a list of MFR® Therapists in various areas ready to assist you.