What is EGC

What is An Equine Gestalt Life Coach?

Sounds interesting……Let’s break it down.

What is Equine?

Equine is another word for “Horse”.

What is Gestalt?

The word Gestalt means “Wholeness”. The process of gestalt work is experiential and tied in to the body Somatic.

So, what in the heck is Somatic? Somatic refer to our physical body’s response to what is going on around us. We can be consciously aware of how we deal with a traumatic experience, but there can be stuff that is too much for us to cope with at the time. When this happens, our body (or somatic) and mind can hold the rest till it feels safe to release it. With Gestalt® and MFR®, I will help your body and mind release these emotions from past traumas.

What is Life Coaching?

I believe that each person has all the answers within themselves and as your coach, the horse and I are there to help you uncover these answers from within. The horse and I are there to “Listen” to you. We give support and compassion while you clear yourself of grief, pain, anger, fear — or whatever is limiting you in your life.

Have you ever had emotions come up that you just aren’t sure what they are about?  What has brought it up at that moment?  Has it caused you to react in a way you didn’t like?

This is the Unfinished Business.

Through the eye of a horse, you find your soul

Unfinished business actually stops us from enjoying our life and moving forward.

Unfinished business comes from belief patterns formed due to past experiences. We may or may not truly believe these patterns but they still affect us and sometimes that is really hard to figure out.

I actually see Unfinished Business come up during MFR® sessions because, as I open up and release the tight fascia, emotions can come up for clients. It is a theory that the fascia holds our emotions that we cannot deal with until we feel ready. I believe that this theory is reality as I see this happen frequently in my MFR® sessions.

We have trained our minds and bodies so well to use these belief patterns to protect us…even when we no longer need the protection. This “protection” is actually stopping us from enjoying our life’s and moving forward. So we call it unfinished business leading us to live a reactive life instead of a responsive life.

You don’t have to live a reactive life. If you allow yourself the opportunity to complete you unfinished business and explore your life’s trails, you can find more authentic ways to respond to life. EGC® is here to help create the environment for a deeper and more complete healing.

So Let’s Put It All Together: Equine Gestalt Life Coaching

The Horse is a herd animal who lives by instincts: they have no agenda. Equine has been supporting humanity since the beginning of time. To our benefit, the Horse can see, hear, and feel the energy of our emotions. Horses see all of us, even the parts of our subconscious which can be hidden from us. This great gift enables them to help people see the real story so that they can make sense of and clear their own Unfinished Business.  As, the human coach, I am there to Listen to you to help discover that Unfinished Business.

Together, my Horse and I will join you as you walk down your Life’s Trail thus allowing you to take a fresh look at that darn Unfinished Business.   We are co-coaches who are there to give support and compassion while you clear yourself of grief, pain, anger, fear— or whatever is limiting you in your life.

You can clear out that Unfinished Business in order to have a fresh start and to start riding down a new or improved trail with joy and ease.

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