“Noreen’s coaching is so beautifully clear and grounded…she provides her clients with a rock to lean on, a strength to borrow as they access tender parts of themselves for healing”   Lorrin M.  NM

“Noreen is a kind person who coaches from her immeasurable strength & huge heart.  I came away from our session feeling safe, fully heard and empowered.”   Melissa B.  Becker, MN

“Noreen’s clear, concise and direct coaching enabled her client to unlock and discover her power and true self.”    Michelle S. Rawlins, WY

“As Noreen coached me I connected deeply to her innate beingness as not only a body healer but a light worker.  Her ability to coach me to feel into my heart opened me up to receive the gifts that God has provided me, freely and with complete gratitude.”    Kate L. Longmont, CO

“It was beautiful.  The soul of the horse and the soul of the human united with kindness and grace.”   June V. MT