Meet Noreen

My story started in South Dakota 50+ years ago.

It all started with my two favorite role models. My independent, adventurous, and curious mother was born in Detroit, and my Dad was a South Dakota boy born during the Depression. At the age of 14, Dad hopped a train to Michigan to work for my Grandfather. There, he met my Mother. Their resilience and independence were great lessons for me, and I learned a lot when walking the “trail” with them- to be grateful for each moment, to support others, and to love fiercely. My three older brothers also shared many of their “gifts” with me along the way. 😉 😉

I grew up in a small, South Dakota town, but like my parents, I love to travel and explore. It was one of these outings that I was blessed to meet my husband. Coincidentally, he was also from South Dakota, and after 35 years of marriage, we are glad to be home in this sacred state. It has been a blessing to pass along the “gifts” and lessons from my family to my son, daughter-in-law, and two wonderful Grandchildren.

I am a fully trained John F. Barnes P.T Myofascial Release Therapist (read about it), but I started humbly, like many South Dakotans do. I was a dishwasher, waitress, farmer, production worker and many more. But, over the last 19 years, I have been honored to learn from John Barnes on personal healing levels and professional mentoring. I have been one of his teaching assistants since 2000, and I found immense joy helping other grow through the journey on their trail(s).

In my own Myofascial Release clinic, in Mitchell, SD, my goal is to help people find awareness so they can make choices that empower themselves, release emotional or physical pain, let go of what no longer serves them in a healthy and positive way, and move forward, strong and stable on their own two feet!

Along the way, I have also received my certification as an Equine Gestalt Method Life Coach. Adding this into my life tool has been an adventure and a joy. I have owned horses all of my life. They have carried me over trails, working cattle, barrel racing, riding dressage. They have always been there for me, most notably when I felt like I was falling apart. They are my best friends. EGC has shown me a way to share the gift I always knew they could give with others. They have so much to offer- clarity, compassion, inner strength, to name a few, and they can guide you out of the tangled web on Life’s Trail to find the light.

Most recently, I have added Therapeutic Riding Instruction to my list of offerings. Honored to help the non-profit Helping With Horsepower, started by Laura Klock, my horses and I have found great joy being with children as they gain strength, body and soul.

Horses live life authentically. They are hyper-tuned in to their surroundings, and truly have so much to teach us. During my most difficult days, I could count on them. I have shared my laughter and tears, and they have been my greatest confidants, keeping my secrets safe. They have much to teach us.

I also have training in Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, and Reiki. My passions spread to Certified Yoga Instructor, essential oils, and organic gardening. I’m profoundly interested in the old ways of health, herbs, oils, stones, prayer. I want to offer you the opportunity to realize your potential, to come home to yourself, to heal yourself, and really be present in your body. I have been so fortunate to work with amazing teachers, mentors, and friends, and I am thrilled to work with you!

I believe God leads us down a trail to learn our purpose. Come, join me. Together, we can work towards sharpening your awareness, clearing unfinished business, pain, and old belief patterns. Get ready to move forward in your life with clear vision, joy, and ease.

With this final thought, Noreen wants you to know she and her horses, through Myofascial Release® and Equine Gestalt Life Coaching® are here to help you:

“Life Is a Trail You Do Not Have to Walk Alone”