Reconnect to Yourself – Through the Power of Equus

Do you want to learn more about energy or take your knowledge a step further? Have you felt stuck, unable to shift your energy and move forward in your life?

Join Noreen Young for a premiere Life’s Trail event! Come and
experience expansive equine energy that has the power to heal, unblock, and ground you in your present moment.

With expert guidance, you will learn how to understand your energy, the horse’s energy, and the valuable connection the horse offers you, if you only open yourself to their ability to help you help yourself.

Once connected, all you have to do is be open to the possibilites.

Please sign up by October 14th by contacting Noreen at 605-770-5413, private messaging the FB page, or submit your payment below! This four hour session is $50.00. Please email or call with any questions or comments.


Registration Instructions:

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2)  Click the “SUBMIT” button to register for the event.

Step 2:  Payment

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