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Magic Mare

What does it mean to be wounded. Is it the end it can seem? Or a chance at a new beginning?

This Mare is my savior. When I was at my lowest in life she gave me love and held space for me to find my way back to her.

I did not know if I’d ever ride again after a back injury. I remember my boss telling me if I truly was injured I should sell my horses…

I cried the entire day. There was no way I could or would sell the one safe place I had to go. To cry, to not be judged, to be. It brings tears to my eyes now, and that was 25 years ago.

We went through a lot together. I brought a new horse home, and Magic was not impressed she wanted to be an only child. One night she kicked through the fence at the new mare. The next morning she wasn’t out to greet me, and the fence was tore out. I started praying. When I found her she had a hole in her back leg I could put my whole hand into.

It took us almost 8 years to close that hole all the way. Four different vets, lots of bandages, and finally cutting all the scar out, then skin graphs.

She has given me new meaning to resilience. She has had some permanent damage, which if you meet her will be obvious.

It was 1991 when Magic joined my heart. We had big dreams, rode 4-5 days a week. We were going to be one of the first American Warm Blood registered. Things changed, we changed.

But let me tell you when you turn this Magic mare out she has power and joy at coming 28 years old that brings a smile to my face.

She never gave up on me and I’ll never give up on her.

Life happens. What you do with it is up to you.

FAQ for 2018 Event, Envision the Life You Want

February 16-18, 2018 – Three day women’s retreat
Sign up TODAY! Registration closed January 19th. Visit our EVENTS page.
What kind of food will I eat?
Life’s Trail supports clean eating, and we will build community by preparing meals together! Enjoy soups (vegetarian, meat, creamy), salad fixings, bread, cereals, oatmeal, and fruit! Snacks will also be available, including nuts, fruit, and chocolate. 😉 
Will I share a room?
Where is the retreat located?
We will be staying overnight at The Corner Retreat in Mitchell!
What is typology?
Typology breaks personalities into letters that give insight into the personal uniqueness we are all born with. The letters join to form 16 combinations, our own personal operating systems! I is for Introvert. E is for Extrovert. N for Intuition. S for Sensing. F for Feeling. T for Thinking. J for Judging. P for Perceiving. Each participant will complete the typology test, and it will be interpreted by Noreen. 
“Knowing what mine is has allowed me to understand and accept myself on a level that took a lot of pressure off. I meet up to who I am, and that is perfect for me. For example, I am A, half I and half E; if my E side gets mail and I am invited to a party, I’m going! But, if I wake up with my I the day of the party, I will be unlikely to go because it may be too overwhelming for my introverted side.”
What do you mean values?
Your values is what is important to you, REALLY important, to who you are and your goals in life. 
“Knowing my values has helped me to live with greater direction for myself, to understand why I react a certain way at times. My number one value is AUTHENTICITY. When I first started looking into values, I said “ family”. But your values aren’t about other people. For me, my family gave me space to be authentic. Now I can live true to me.”
Why should I care about typology or values?
“Without awareness, there is no choice. Knowing more about myself has given me my own personal blue print. The more information a person can become aware of about themselves gives them the ability to make choices with a greater awareness.
When I was 35, I sustained a back injury that changed my world. I was told to live with it. If I had accepted that, it scares me to think where I would be 24 years later. But, I know in my heart there was more than I was being offered. Now, I’m 80% better, productive, and a very busy John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist. My mission statement is “to offer people information so they can make choices for themselves with awareness.” I don’t claim to know everything, but personal growth is my #2 value!”
What’s a life coach?
Great question!
Can you name a more important challenge than life? When we want to get in shape and need help we find a coach, to encourage us, hold us accountable, support us, be there with us on the journey, the trail. Coaches help us grow to reach our highest potential. 
“I have coaches who have helped me in personal and professional arenas. I have worked through major obstacles that held me back. Coaching has helped me to reconnect to my authentic self, which I only thought I was doing before. I was on the right path, but coaching gave me even more tools and offered support and encouragement. It can be ugly (it was ugly for me), but I knew I wasn’t alone or judged. I faced a monumental break in my soul from my childhood, and I was looking at all the ways it created pain in my life. Now, I’m whole, the little girl, the angry girl, and the responsible woman. Now, I have a steadier foundation to live on as my new, beautiful, whole self.”
What if I have never done yoga?
No worries! Noreen Young and affiliates are here to support you on your journey, at your pace! Learn to release with yoga catered to your ability.
Please contact Noreen with any other questions or concerns!