You don’t have to live a reactive life!

You do need to be present in your body to heal, physically or emotionally.

Life’s trails can be joyful or sometimes painful. Our physical beings are amazing; they help us get back up and move forward after experiencing traumas, both mental as well as physical.

We deal with what we need to.  Then, our subconscious packages all that it feels and stores the trauma until it is safe enough for it to come back out. I believe that is where our chronic pain and reactive emotions come from.

With the help of my horses, Myofascial Therapy® and Equine Gestalt® Life coaching, I would like to help you find the right trail to bring all of you home to yourself, so you can heal and live a joyous and healthy life.

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What Is MFR ?

Myo:  Muscle         Fascia: Connective Tissue

Fascia is the shock absorber for our body. Our Fascia system is amazing, it is a fluid system that is meant to constantly flex and stretch or change.

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What is EGC ?

What is Equine? – another word for “Horse”.

What is Gestalt?   – means “Wholeness”.

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